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SHARE YOUR STORY – where’s your voyage?

We know you like to travel so share your story with the perfect travel guitar that allows you to take your music with you, anywhere you go.   We invite you to let us know about how traveling with a Voyage Air has changed your experience!

Nobody even knows I’m carrying a guitar!
Singing on Koh Samui and Shanghai
Ruth Conquers Belgium and France
Craig Caffall – Lead guitarist for Maria Muldaur
9000′ – Zero Degrees
Zachary Lee In Ireland
Moving Overseas
The only viable answer
60 days, over 14,000 miles, in a Mini Cooper
Through airports
Trip to St. John
The Guitar Voyager
In Matala bay
Jerry Kern talks about his VAD-06
On tour with the VAOM-04
Sailing with a Voyage Air
In Quebec
The Guitar in the Holy Land
A hit in Jamaica
In Italia
Busking in Brandenburg
Zihuatanejo, Mexico
In Egypt
Air travel with a guitar


whenever, wherever you want...


when you're done, fold it and go...


take it anywhere your music takes you!